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Betway sportsbook brings you the widest range of betting markets and the best odds in the UK. No matter if you are looking to place a bet on a local football match or the Wimbledon Tennis Final, Betway gives you the freedom to either bet at home, or on the go.

With more than 30 000 sports betting markets to choose from, we offer all of the biggest (and smallest) leagues and some of the most lucrative sports betting promotions around. In fact, Betway has made quite a name for itself here in the United Kingdom for the generous way that it treats both old and new punters alike, so why not sign-up and bet on any one of these exciting sports:

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Possibly the most love game in the world, football or soccer as it is sometimes known, is the biggest of all the UK betting markets. With a wide variety of bets available on every match, football betting is a great way to get into online sports betting. While there are plenty of games and tournament taking place throughout the year, the English Premier league and the UEFA Champions League is responsible for the bulk of the football betting action.

Formula 1

When it comes to racing sports, horseracing and Formula 1 are two of the biggest. Formula 1 is certainly the biggest of all motor racing sports with each Grand Prix race viewed by millions of fans around the world. The F1 Championship consists of 20 races running from March to November held in different locations all over the world. Points are awarded in each race for the both drivers and constructors. At the end of the season, the Driver and Constructor with the most points claims the Championship title.

American Football

While it may be limited to the US and Canada, American football is one of the biggest betting sports in the world. Just about all the betting takes place on NFL games. the National Football League consists of 32 teams divided equally between the NFC and the AFC. There is plenty of betting action to look forward to as the team play a 4-week preseason followed by a 17-week regular season. The 12 top teams compete in a playoff round which culminates in the Super Bowl, which is the single largest sporting event in the world.

Rugby Union

Rugby is a popular contact sport in the UK and many commonwealth countries. Union rugby is played in countries all over the world including Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina. With tournaments taking place throughout the year, there is plenty of betting opportunities to look forward to. Some of the biggest Union Rugby tournaments include the Guinness Premiership, the Challenge Cup, the Six Nations Championship, Super Rugby and the Rugby World Cup.


Baseball is another popular American sport that has taken root in countries all over the world. When it comes to online baseball betting, just about all the bets are on MLB (Major League Baseball) games. Running for six months of the year, the MLB season sees 30 teams play over 100 games each. This means plenty of betting opportunities every week. The season culminates in the Baseball World Series game, where the top two teams play for Baseballs biggest trophy.

Tennis Game


Tennis is one of the most exciting individual sports in the world. Every tournament offers up a whole range of betting options including bets on individual games, sets and matches. You can also bet on the tournament winner months in advance. In the world of online tennis betting, the Grand Slams bring the most action. These include the Australian Open, The French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon.


Basketball is an action-packed team sport that requires both individual skill and coordinated team strategy. At Betway, you can bet on loads of international basketball tournaments including the Australian basketball league, Germany’s Bundesliga and the EuroLeague. The most betting action though is all to do with the NBA. Consisting of 30 teams, the NBA is the largest and most prestigious basketball league in the world. Each game offers up loads of betting options for enthusiastic fans.

Canadian Football

While not as popular as American football, Canadian Football is a popular betting sport around the world. The Canadian Football League governs the sports with the season running for most of year. The regular season culminates in the Grey Cup, which is the Canadian version of the Super Bowl.

Horse Racing Sport

Horse Racing

Possibly the biggest of all the racing sports, horseracing has been a popular betting sport for over a century. In the UK, a major horse race brings in thousands of visitors and is viewed by spectators across the country. Each race offers up a huge range of bets including the race winner, doubles, trebles and multis. The biggest horseraces in the world include the Grand National, the Melbourne Cup, The Royal Ascot, the Kentucky Derby and the Dubai World Cup.

Golf Game


Golf is has risen to become one of the most popular individual betting sports. With local and international tournaments happening every month there are plenty of betting opportunities for golf enthusiasts. When it comes to online betting, the Majors is where all the action really happens. The Four majors include the US Open, the Masters tournament, the British Open and the PGA Championship.

This is just a taste of what you can find at Betway. Along with all the popular betting markets, you can find niche sports like bandy, winter sports, eSports and virtual sports. Betway is all about sharing the thrills and the love of the game. Be part of the action, bet instantly online at home or on the go now!