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Experience world-class online betting in New Zealand with Betway Sports. As a leader in the online casino and betting industry, Betway brings you a comprehensive sportsbook with all the most popular sports markets. Whether you are looking to take a punt on a local horse race or an international Rugby match, Betway gives you the widest range of betting options with the most competitive odds. Covering all the major sports and then some, Betway is the easiest and most convenient way to bet online.

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The Widest Range of Markets and The Best Odds

At Betway, our range of sports markets include everything from Rugby to Ice Hockey, Golf to Cricket, Formula 1 to Horse Racing and just about everything in between. With over 30 000 markets available each day, we bring you the best betting action on all the major tournaments. Not only that, we also bring you the most competitive odds on horse racing and New Zealand sports. Add to this, a whole range of betting bonuses, free bets, secure banking faculties, mobile access and 24-hour support; and you have the makings of a truly awesome betting experience. Some of our most popular betting markets include:

Rugby Union

Considered to be the National Sport in New Zealand, just about every punter has tried their hand at Rugby Betting. Union Rugby is the most popular version of the sport and is played in countries all over the world. While there are plenty of opportunities to bet on home games, some of the biggest Rugby Tournaments include the Six Nations, Super Rugby, The Challenge Cup and of course the Rugby World Cup.

Racing Sports

Horse Racing

Perhaps the most popular betting sport in the world, Horse Racing attracts thousands of visitors to the track and millions of online punters. At Betway you can bet on local races, Australian races and international Races. With racing carnivals taking place throughout the year, there are plenty of betting opportunities up for grabs.

Formula 1

In the world of motor racing, Formula one is the cream of the crop. Each Grand Prix race offers up loads of betting action and high-octane thrills. The Formula 1 Championship consists of 21 races held in locations all over the world. Drivers and Constructors are awarded points for each race depending on their finishing order. At the end of the F1 season, the driver and constructor with the most points wins the Championship trophy.



Commonly known as soccer, football is an international game and perhaps the most prolific. Just about every country in the world plays football and takes part in some form of competition or another. At Betway, you can bet on local tournaments, Australian tournaments, the English Premier League, The UEFA Champions League, as well as the FIFA World Cup held every four years.

American Football

A popular sport in the US, American Football has a dedicated fan base throughout the world. Just about all the American Football bets are placed on NFL games. NFL consist of 30 teams split evenly between the NFC and the AFC. The NFL season runs for most of the year and consists of a pre-season, a regular season and the playoffs. The season culminates in the Super Bowl which is the single largest sporting event in the world.


Another popular American sport, baseball has been adopted by many countries around the world. As with Basketball or American football, the bulk of the bets are placed on US games or, more specifically, the MLB. Consisting of 30 teams, the MLB season runs for six months of the year and provides ample betting opportunities. Each of the 30 teams play over 100 games so there is more than enough action to go around.

Canadian Football

While not as popular as its American counterpart, Canadian Football is still a popular betting sport in New Zealand. As you may have guessed, all the betting action takes place on Canadian Football Association games. The season starts off with preseason games then moves to a regular season and a post season. The two best teams compete in the Grey Cup which is the Canadian version of the Super Bowl.

Tennis Individual Sport


Tennis is one of the most popular individual sports on the planet. At Betway, we bring you all the latest betting action from local and international tournaments. With each tournament, bets can be placed on individual sets, games or matches. While there are plenty of smaller tournaments taking place throughout the year, the betting action goes into overdrive with the grand slams. These include the US Open, the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon.


While primarily an American Sport, Basketball has been adopted by countries all over the world including New Zealand and Australia. At Betway, you can bet on all the local games as well as international tournaments. Most of the basketball betting is on the NBA games. Consisting of 29 teams, the NBA runs a preseason, a regular season and a post season, or playoffs. The NBA finals is one of the biggest betting highlights of the year.



Golf, like tennis, is a popular individual sport that requires a tremendous amount of skill and stamina. With tournaments happening throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to bet on the game. In New Zealand, local tournament and Australian tournaments provide loads of betting action as well as the golfing Majors. These include the Masters tournament, the US Open, the PGA Championship and the British Open.

These are just some of the great betting markets you can find at Betway. Check out our extensive sportsbook for your favourite. If there is a major sporting event happening somewhere around the world, you can be sure that Betway will cover it and give the best odds.